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Schedule / reschedule your own appointments online for a day and time that work best for you!
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Responsive & Relational
We will get back to you! You will have direct access to your therapist and the office assistant via phone or email.
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Relaxing & Calming Ambiance
The space is designed with you in mind! A space where you can feel relaxed and at ease as you walk through your healing journey.

Therapy your way

Whether you prefer to meet in-person or online via a virtual session, we want to meet you where you're at and consider your personal needs and comfort level.

A young man sitting on a couch in a modern office, engaged in conversation with a female therapist.


Being able to sit across from your therapist, and engage in proximity to one another in a calm and relaxing environment is cultivating to the healing process. Plus you'll get to enjoy a drink or snack in our cozy lobby as you wait for your therapist to greet you.
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Whether you're finding yourself far from our office, feeling under the weather or simply prefer the comforts of your own home, we've got you covered. You can still engage in the healing process with virtual sessions from your computer or mobile device.
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Start living life to the fullest!

Gain insight about the "why" behind your thoughts, feelings and behaviors inorder to move forward.

We create an environment of encouragement and support that helps you to properly process, move forward and ultimately feel better. You and your therapist will develop a personalized plan to help you meet your mental health goals.

Start seeing emotional and personal growth in your child

Have you been noticing differences in your child's behavior or emotions, but can't quite put your finger on what's troubling them?

We provide a safe space for your child to process and understand their feelings. As the parent, we also include you in the process in ways that cultivate healthy communication and ultimately a strong and healthy relationship between you and your child.

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One size does not fit all. Find the right therapist and treatment to meet your needs.

Each of our therapists have their own unique approach and area of specialty. However, we each treat depression, anxiety, trauma related symptoms, difficulty adjusting to life changes, grief / loss and many other very human issues that get in the way of us living our best lives.

Interested in a faith-based approach?
Our team values the importance of faith in healing. If you desire to incorporate faith into the therapeutic journey, we are here to support and integrate spiritual perspectives into your treatment.

An adult woman sitting in a cozy chair engaged in thought and reflection.
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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is focused on just you and processing your experiences. Think of your therapist as your professional secret keeper and one of your biggest supporters!
A family unit of husband, wife, and two children happily playing a board game together.
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Family Therapy

Family therapy brings loved ones together, in order to better understand each other, change patterns that aren't working anymore and improve relationships.
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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is for you couples who are seeking to be pro-active, to reconcile or to determine next steps in your relationship. A caring and neutral therapist can walk alongside you both as you work together to reach your goals.
A group therapy session taking place in a modern office where the participates sit comfortably facing each other.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy is all about connecting with others and feeling reassured that you are not the only one.
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Play Therapy

Children's main language is play! Naturally, children learn, process and communicate best while playing. Utilizing play therapy, a trained therapist can help a child learn how to regulate their big emotions, how to problem solve and learn new behaviors that would contribute to improved interpersonal relationships, through play!
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Profile of a head and brain icon representing EMDR and Brainspotting therapy.

EMDR & Brainspotting

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brainspotting are two brain-based types of therapy that are primarily used to treat trauma related symptoms, however, can also treat other mental health issues. We help you reprocess traumatic/distressing memories in a safe space in order to reduce emotional distress and negative beliefs associated with those memories
Couple of women walking together outside engaged in a walk and talk therapy session.
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Walk & Talk Therapy

Discover a therapeutic experience that goes beyond the confines of walls. Our Walk & Talk Therapy sessions provide a unique and dynamic approach to self-discovery and healing, where the natural environment becomes a supportive companion in the therapeutic process.

Walk & Talk Therapy offers a refreshing alternative to traditional office settings through combining the benefits of physical activity with the depth of meaningful conversation. This approach is particularly beneficial for those who find solace in nature or feel more at ease with movement during therapeutic conversations. The outdoor setting often fosters a sense of openness and relaxation, allowing for a deeper exploration of emotions and insights.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, together.
We understand that talking about our thoughts, feelings and struggles is not easy.

We live in a world where we're constantly bombarded with all the best parts of people and their "filtered" lives. So much so that it starts to seem like we're the only ones with any “issues.” We tend to forget how NORMAL it is to experience very human emotions and struggles.

As therapist, we know first hand, how freeing and healing it can be for you to talk about the elephant in the room, which refers to those unspoken and often challenging issues that linger in our lives.

Our therapeutic approach encourages openness, compassion, and healing. We will be honored to join you on this transformative path, where the strength to confront the unspoken paves the way for resilience, healing, and a more fulfilling life.

Meet our warm and personable team!

Our team consists of licensed and soon to be licensed therapists with more than 20 years of combined experience. Our professional experiences range from serving in schools, hospitals, prisons, non-profit organizations and other community-based agencies.

Portrait of Eunice Uribes, the owner of Better Together Mental Health Services.

Eunice Uribes, LCSW

Owner / Licensed Therapist
Portrait of Andrew Beasley

Andrew Beasley, LMFT

Licensed Therapist
Portrait of Bao Vue

Bao Vue, AMFT

Associate Therapist
(Fluent in Hmong)
Portrait of Victoria Soto Pendergrass

Victoria Soto Pendergrass, AMFT

Associate Therapist
Portrait of Linda Yanez

Linda Yanez

Office Manager

Our rates

We are a private pay practice which allows for more flexibility, freedom, creativity and privacy for our clients throughout the therapeutic process.
$130 – Individual Therapy
(This rate also applies to occasional collateral sessions and family sessions when your therapist incorporates them into your treatment plan.)
$160 – Initial Assessment
$165 – Couple's Therapy
Start with a FREE 15-minute consultation
We offer a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation—a dedicated opportunity for you to ask questions and share more about your needs in order to match you with the therapist who aligns most closely with your goals and preferences.
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Healing happens here!

We've curated a cozy and healing environment to ensure your comfort during your therapeutic journey. With a commitment to continual improvement, we strive to make our space even more inviting as time unfolds, providing you with a serene sanctuary for personal growth and healing.

Ready to start addressing the elephant in the room?

Congratulations on considering taking the courageous first step towards healing and growth! We look forward to serving you! Contact us today and let the healing begin.

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